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Prince Star enterprise CO., LTD. was established in 1991, specializing in the production of industrial PU air tube and PU, EVA garden hoses. Since its inception, continued to increase capital, and constantly expand and update the plant and machinery. Introducing the up-to-date technology and equipment to create high-quality good products, not only in the industry was a very good reputation, but also is the first-rate brand of choice for customers.

In addition, to hire professionals, enhance the technical, R & D capability and enlarge capacity year after year. Prince Star beneficial development has become a 10,000 square meter plant and 100 professional employees of the enterprise group.

Prince Star Enterprises CO., LTD., under the capable leadership of president Chen Chien cheng to the fine R & D capability and technology, maintain a positive, rapid, certainty and innovation of four business philosophies, and the pursuit of the highest achievements of enterprise to increase our customer service as the best evidence. Since, to our customers forever demand, the direction of our efforts is to meet customer demands for the ultimate goal of the operation.


Other Gardening Tools, Rakes, Hoes and Forks, Trimmers, Sprinklers, Garden Hoses, Pumps, Mousetraps, Insect Traps, Mosquito Lights, Tubing (Rubber), Nozzles, Sprinkler stands, Misters and Sprayers, Spray Guns, Garden Ornaments , PU Pneumatic Tube, Braided Expansion Tube, PU Hose for Wood Working, PU Coil Tube, PE Tube, Nylon Tube, Air Blower, Garden Coil Tube


Production Mode: ODM, OBM
Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer

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