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Yocoso Corp - Professional paragraph parts for cold, hot section parts, temperature, as well as a variety of challenging paragraph parts, with a high degree of forging stamping parts manufacturers, Professional car locomotive transmission parts, bicycle parts, pneumatic tool parts, all kinds of hand tools and a wide range of forging parts stamping parts The design, development, manufacture, production, (OEM & ODM) welcomed the visit of the industry manufacturers index.
Yocoso Corp - Since 1992, the General Manager: Mr. Jiang Rong ji has been set up, as always with the idea of quality and innovation, the industry leader in the famous, to tie in with this world trend and upgrade the quality of the company's objective of sustainable development, especially in 2004 Starting in September into ISO-9001:2000 International quality assurance system to improve product quality and that the company, the industry manufacturers and customers have better quality assurance!


Cold Forging Presses, Forging, Cold Forging, Handtools Parts Forging, Hardware Forging, Auto Parts Forging, Suspension Parts Forging, Transmission System Parts Forging, Steering System Parts Forging, Machinery Parts Forging, Bicycle Parts Forging, Air Tool Accessories Forging, Shock Absorbers Drive Shafts Forging


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