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Based on the professional accomplishments, experience, great team leadership, and the capability of foresee the advanced technology around the world. Shenzhen Madcow Digital Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the researching, producing and selling of the series of products of energy saving lighting.Madcow has capacious working shop around 22000 square meters, and possesses of international advanced technology, such as luminescence source adjusting, light and electric energy saving, high-efficient power transformation and storage. At the same time, Madcow has the advanced checking and measuring instruments and producing equipment.

Madcow has a background of exporting products since its establishment. Through these years, we have accumulated comprehensive knowledge on design and manufacturing through various experiments. Our ceaseless efforts in R&D and non-negotiable quality control have contributed to our reputation. Madcow is customer-oriented, to ensure the high quality products, Madcow was approved by ISO9001, and managed according to the requirement of ISO9001, moreover, Madcow employs the industry experts as our technology consultant to meet customers' requirement and expectancy. The products has been certified by "CCC", "CE", "UL" etc.

We focus on international market, our principle is "Innovative Technology", "Quality Assured", "Service Priority", and "Energy Saving & Environmental Protection" is our constant running theme. Madcow is able to produce accessories and provide best customer service to customers worldwide. We will continue to make progress and improvements to meet new standards and new requirements in today's advanced technological world, and make contribution to human’s energy project.

We keep "Save energy, Benefit Society" in our mind firmly.


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