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Established in 1988, Pro-Iroda Industries is the pioneer and professional manufacturer in the field of Butane power technology who has become the world leader in the industry.
While building a worldwide sales & marketing network, we are composed by a solid engineering and manufacuturing team members. Pro-Iroda continues its dedication to designing and manufacturing the most technologically advanced tools in the marketplace with a strict focus on quality and 100% customer satisfaction. It is Iroda’s philosophy that growth in the marketplace is built on innovation and new products. To achieve this growth, Iroda maintains its attention to R&D while continuously improving its mature products and manufacturing efficiency. Our commitment is to supply the quality products with innovative design, competitive price and excellent service to customers.


Butane Torch, Soldering Iron, Heat Tool, BBQ Grill, Auto Repair Tools, Glue Guns, Caulking Guns, Multi-Function Heat Tool with LEC, Torch Gun, Soldering Guns and Related Products, Flameless Heat Guns, Camping tools, Barbecuing Utensils


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