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Chu Power Tools Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. We are the unique professional manufacturer in Taiwan producing all steel bench vises. Our products are praised by global customers for its robust structure without the concern of breakage. We also cooperate with international leading brand names by OEM and sell our products worldwide.
With advanced hi-tech equipment and process technology, our professional R & D team designs unique patented products by utilizing resources efficiently. It is the effort of the R & D and production teams that create quality products and bring competitive strength for us to become a leading company in the global market.
We are continuously providing innovative products to meet customer's requirements. Close interaction and long-term business relationship exist between us and our partners, and it is our operating philosophy to provide premium products for customers to meet their demand.
Our manufacturing basis is located in Wuchi Town , Taichung County , with an area of 36,000 square feet and 36employees. The factory is close to Taichung Harbor. You are Welcomed to visit our factory at any time to give us guidance.


Bench Vise Clamp, Other Pliers, Cutting Pliers, Long-Nose Pliers, Bend-Nose Pliers, Flat-Nose Pliers, Round-Nose Pliers, Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Universal (Grip) Pliers/Locking Pliers, Slip-Joing Pliers, Vater Pump Pliers/Pipi Pliers, Fence Pliers, Brake Pliers Nail Pincers/End Pliers, Tweezers, Pinch-Off Pliers


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