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The Company was set up in 1994, specializes in high-pressure high-performance vacuum blower Pu precision metal parts and tools. Large distribution of their products in domestic and foreign markets, the statement rewarding demand; Because flu flourish in the global industry, it is determined by factory system sales for the domestic requirements and then export overseas throughout, both upgrading technology levels.
High-pressure blower needed for the production of the extensive manufacturing machinery, granular powder waiting, smoking transmission method, liquid mixing and bottling, burning oxygen and aquaculture. Heat cooling equipment and the environment, without need it; As high pressure flow of imports and a lower negative pressure air, therefore also for sorption Application . other terms of employment, plastics, metals, chemicals, mining, fish farming, medical, loading, packaging and so on, have great demand. Blower usually divided into axial and centrifugal two types of axial-like in the home of a fan, air volume and pressure are not high; There were also centrifugal Stratosphere-and - scroll-and - scroll-blower can produce higher wind pressure. the Company's professional side of the centrifugal blower duct - scroll hypertension research and development and production.
The company has highly skilled engineers and technical staff of 30 people, plants and office use nearly 6,000 square meters area, Blower research into the production sector, production of motor research and development departments, research and development and production of vacuum PU departments. Digital lathe, drill press, Broacher, balancing machines, thermostats Oven, and other advanced equipment should be a comprehensive, but also with the most sophisticated 3D Gauge, electrical testing machine, and pressure testing of wind instruments. You different from the traditional sectors such as production business, the company's goods to an independent department of a unit of parts and components, whether home-made or purchased are detailed testing all further refined before depositing functions, security testing and packaging to ensure that the production of each commodity perfect time to give users the greatest reliability. the company's products are funded through the National Bureau seized 3C SGS inspection and certification, quality and safety have great protection, the monthly production of all types Total 5,000.
In today's technological advances, we will, product innovation, as many stars, the Company colleagues not disdain,'re always open-minded, you are welcome, thanks to the presence or guidance.


Motors and Pumps, Motors, Parts and Accessories for Industrial Machinery, Gear Motors


Number of Total Employees: 120人
Year Established: 1994
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: EMORE HORN
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
Approvals / Certifications: ISO9001
Contact Person: Dai-ying Chen

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