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We offer a wide array of processing equipment for seal makers, including visual detection systems, oil-seal spring-fitting machines and vacuum forming machines, among others. Being a leader having frequently revolutionized technology in turnkey seal-production plants, we have a sound technical support system to help customers produce seal kits with high cost-efficiency.

Every machine from G-WAY is guaranteed to turn out top quality items, at minimum per-cycle time and at lower cost, being the best among counterparts for customers pursuing high production capacity and integrated operation. Our automated machines with the latest electromechanical designs are answers to modernized production.

With a team of engineers experienced in designing automated equipment, we also make to-order, using 3D CAD for formation analysis and processing simulation. Our superior engineering capability is clearly shown in all our machines, whose functional excellence are also achieved with standardized processing, repetitive trial runs, and stringent QC.


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