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"Eclatorq" as the first professional digital hand tool in Taiwan, has integrated the leading hand tool companies and IT resources into the production of digital hand tools – The Smart Tool Standard™. We fuse the tools of today with the technologies of tomorrow to create a new generation of high tech tools. Built from almost a decade of high tech R&D and innovation, the Digital Tools not only provide users with unprecedented levels of control, accuracy and convenience yet price worthy.

"The Smart Tool Standard™" is with micro electromechanical system (MEMS) that incorporates signal-sensing, data-processing and LCD data-display capabilities. It allows users to set torque in different modes, store previous torque data, and convert measurement units. The flashing LED indicator and buzzer give the user clear notification when reaching the set torque value. With the unique impact-resistance design, falling on the ground would no longer be an issue. Furthermore the built-in memory on "The Smart Tool Standard™" is also capable to connect PC and save the data into PC for quality control, record keeping, compliance reporting or statistical analysis. Most of all Eclatorq's exclusive Internet calibration system enables the Eclatorq Digital Torque Wrenches to be calibrated on-line. The result increases the use of this tool and widens the applications.
Eclatorq Digital Tools are transforming the way professionals work through smarter, more efficient hand and power tool solutions and taking assembly, repairs and tune-ups to a whole new level. It is our commitment creating ever more advanced and "smarter" tools that makes Eclatorq today's leading manufacturer of Digital Tools, and changes not only the way people use tools, but how they define them.


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