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CVP Inc. was founded in Chang-Hua City in 1969. It was named “De-Sheng Wire Inc.,” Employed only 30 personnel and manufactured bicycle cable in the beginning until year of 1973. Due to the increasing sales figures and limited spaces, the company decided to relocate its facility to the current address of No.135, sec 3, Jhongshan Rd. and rename the factory to be “Ho-Tian Industrial Ltd.” With further productivity enhanced, the company added the automotive and motorcycle production lines for domestic and foreign sales. In 1980, product categories of cable and wire included a wide range of commercial equipment such as agricultural equipment of sprayer, grain combine, tractor and digger…etc.; snowmobile, marine boat, jet ski, land-mower, forklift, and air plane. The company was renamed as “CVP Inc.” and added the assemble production line for automotive cable and wire products. Moreover, the company was certified by NSF ISO 9001 quality control, rewarded with RAB (USA) and RVA (EU) certifications to manufacture OEM quality products with competitive aftermarket prices.


Brake System Parts, Control Cables,Brake Pipes, Hand Brake Cables, Wire Assemblies, Booster Cables, Special Cables, Repair Equipment Cables


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