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Ith the outstanding technological background, Lin Chyi Metals Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer for a wide variety of precision parts. Over the years, Lin Chyi has won high reputation from all customers in domestic and overseas. Based on the company’s operation concept of practicality. Lin Chyi has always been striving hard to pursue the company’s growth to meet the competition of business operation. Since the company established, eash one at Lin Chyi has fully conducted the commitments to customers. Lin Chyi always provides the most comprehensive service with the high precision machining capacity, punctual delivery and resonable prices. Precision machining equipment is constantly introduced into the production lines for upgrading machining capabilities. Also, continuous improvements for production process achieve more reasonable production management. Furthermore, prersonnel training is also enhanced at Lin Chyi to ensure our policy of "Buisness Perpetuity."


Transmission System Parts, Brake System Parts, Suspension Parts, Plastic Parts, Metal Forming, Electric Thermal Appliances & Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Metal Parts, Fittings, and Accessories, Carved Furniture Parts, Bicycle Parts, OEM/Processing Service, Wheel Parts, Transmission Parts, Control Parts, Processing, Electronic Parts, Parts for Bathroom Equipment, Punched, Lathed, Pressed Products, Parts for Textile Machines, Fire Extinguishing Equipment and Apparatus, Precision Metal Parts, Engine Parts, Gear Shift Parts, Brake Parts


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