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CHIU YAO SPRING HARDWARE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was founded by a group of experienced professionals in Nov. 1997. As a startup, it concentrated on the plant establishment and planning and technique development and upgrade that raised design capability and self-production rate of products. Recently, the company has obtained the certificate of international registration for ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. In the near future, the dedication will be put on product innovation and relentless technical upgrade which fulfill the customers demanding needs and boost the whole competitiveness.

We are a professional springs / stampings manufacturer, We are capable of producing spring designs,
We have automatic and precision of spring formers and spring coilers.
And we can make compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring, battery contact spring, forming spring, antenna spring, hook, link, sheet, hardware, fastener, clip, hose clamp, metal clip, extruded U nut, bulb holder, spring washer, wireform, fixture pin, deep-draw part, isolated cover, fixture sheet, stamping for motors, furniture, electronics, computer etc.
And also we have many size of various wire,
Like piano wire, high carbon wire, stainless steel wire, phosphor wire, bronze wire etc.
We can coating of gold, silver, nickel, chromium, and dye black on spring’s surface.
We always set the quantity principle as a conscientious and meticulous, keep improving, first-class quality, and devotes to the development of spring. With the aim of abased on sincerity, technology first, and service best, we offer competition price and services wholeheartedly to customer.
Environmental Policy:
• Green Product; Energy Conservation; The Clean Earth

Quality Policy:
• self-surpassing, technical upgrade, maximum customer satisfaction
( offer high-quality products with reasonable prices and on-time delivery. Fulfill enterprise-wide quality system to meet customer maximum satisfaction and boost company competitiveness.)

Quality Objectives:
• set up quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 for the assurance of effective system operation and enforcement.
• Focus on design and development and skill advance; pursue excellent quality, making upper-quality products
• Assure on-time delivery, perfect after-sale service, put emphasis on customer comments that decreasing complaint and increasing customer satisfaction.
• Keep on improvement, making the progress and product properties meet the standards for the purpose of continuous quality rising.
• Draw up annual quality plan and goal as a standard for continuous improvement.

• professional management team - emphasize on teamwork and HR efficiency.
1. Each member must undergo strict training and possess considerable experiences in spring industry.
2. functional and flat organizational structure.
3. Adopting MRO (Management by Objectives ), conducting system examination and improvement program periodically.
• Quality Control System-relentless pursuit of improvement for quality assurance.
1. effectively maintain and improve ISO 9001 quality assurance system
2. carry out improvement, modification and prevention.
3. set up after-sale system.
4. establish consistent working procedure from feeding, manufacturing to examination of finished products.
• Production-persistent improvement, increasing process yield and reaching flawless production.
1. automatic production facilities
2. computerized management system
• R & D-continuous innovation, maintaining the autonomy of technical development.
1. material structure research
2. mold shaping, processing, new products development and design capability
3. processing for various surfaces and development of secondary processing.
4. CAD
5. application of spring design experience and skill upgrade.


Spring Manufacture, Stampings, Compression Spring, Extension Spring, Torsion Spring, Double Turn Spring, Battery Contact Spring, Forming Spring, Antenna Spring, Hook, Link, Sheet, Hardware, Fastener, Clip, Hose Clamp, Metal Clip, Extruded U Nut, Bulb Holder, Spring Washer, Wirform, Fixture Pin, Deep-draw Parts, Isolated Cover, Fixture Sheet, Anode Spring, Cathode Spring


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