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■About Company

Yi-Zong Hardware Company, Ltd. is an enterprise, which professionally produces all kind of special screws, screw nuts and hardware fastener.

Thanks for all our customers, trusts and supports, we improve ourselves simultaneously with our customers, and create new opportunity for both of our successes; meanwhile, we can also lower the cost
and continuously increase the quality of out products and working efficiency.

Our company provides a variety of goods, ample standard stocks, and professional screw knowledge. We also provide best order service, which includes the most economic benefit and the most various goods for service.

■Company's Professional Items

 Special Screws , Hose Clamp Screws, Coarse Thread Screws , Special Nut , Hex Socket Cap Screws ,
 Rivet Fastener , Stainless Steel , Copper. Aluminum , Lathe Products


Engine Fitting Parts, Exhaust System Parts, Cooling System Parts, Transmission System Parts, Steering System Parts, Brake System Parts, Suspension Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Passive & Mechanical Components, Electric Thermal Appliances & Parts, Metal Parts, Fittings, and Accessories, Toy Parts, Bicycle Parts, Transmission Parts, Filtration systems & Parts, Parts for Bathroom Equipment, Lawn mowers and Parts, Brush cutters and Parts, Chemical Industry Machines and Parts, Fire Extinguishing Equipment and Apparatus, Parts for Mining Machinery, Special-Purpose Machines for the Machining of Bicycle/Motorcycle Parts, Special-Purpose Machines for the Processing and Repair of Automotive Parts, Gear Shift Parts, Other Motorcycle Parts


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