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GSG-SWIFT GROUP CO., LTD. is an over 35 year-old group company since 1972, starting with manufacturing a wide range of staples, nails, pins, and brads, also designed and developed good function and good quality air staplers, nailer, air specialty tools and stationery, woodworking, construction, and packing industrial.

Top Nail Staple-Maker Co Ltd is our professional nail factory in Thailand.
In 2000, our group company has reached to 0.1 billion sales volume, and still growing up to now. For providing better service to our customers, we started to sell woodworking machine along with our pneumatic staplers/nailers, and air tools, our customers don't have to worry about the after service problem and where to get a machine, tools, or spare parts instantly.

We hope to help our customers to organize their products and requirements, to help them to concentrate on better sales and production. And we keep forwarding to this goal all the time.
Air Stapler, Air Tacker, Air Nailer, Air Tools, Sanders, Spray Gun, Woodworking Machine, Staple Guns, Air Tackers, Air Staple Guns, Air Nailing Tools, Tools



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Betty Liao (Business executive)

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