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Motoritec company is a vibrant and unique company with roots in mechanical and electrical engineering. Located in the heart of Asia, Taipei, Motoritec company has positioned itself to become the dominant provider of motorcycle parts and related products. Motoritec company began as a division of Fong-I Motor, which is providing full service for various vehicles in Taipei, Taiwan.
As the ownership and directors looked into the future, Motoritec company invested heavily in the specialized Scooter and the ATV performance tuning parts in 2000. The end result for 5 years of commercial survey, technology research and design development was the creation of Motoritec company. The performance parts we provide are to make the own motorcycle more personal, both for the riders who have sport and for the tourists or guys who can enjoy themselves riding in the city. Our products are characterized from the extraordinary quality which is the product of the synthesis of passion, experience and continuous renovation.
At Motoritec company, our mission is to ensure that our clients receive a significant satisfaction from our products and services through the integration of technology. We also believe that service is the most important thing we have to offer and strive to exceed our clients' highest expectations. We will be future positive research and develop other finer products to offer the domestic and foreign markets, so that the consumers have a diverse choice. Motoritec company looks forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Cushions, Shock Absorbers, Mufflers, Carburetors, Exhaust Pipes, Engine Parts, Valves, Clutches, Clutch Parts, Pistons, Piston Rings, Piston Pins


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