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Situated in Long Gang District, Shenzhen, the factory occupies over 40, 000 sqm of land area. With over 500 staff in the production, design, research and marketing, we supply furniture ranging from bedroom, living room, dining room, study room and other accessories.
Our management recruits experienced staff including designers, research and production workers, who continuously work with one another to develop new products, designs and technologies to keep
up with the current inexhaustible demands. We have also invested extensively to create a fine environment for our staff, covering 9000 sqm of garden and residence area in the factory.
T & E products reflect the vision to create a lifestyle that goesbeyond the concept of fixture. We have produced quality products to suit the modern lifestyle because we understand people*s need wherever they are in the world. Our creative and production team has successfully created our own series of furniture sets namely, T & E furniture, Euro Talk and Verace. Through its fine and exquisite workmanship, our furniture has excelled in Chinese market as well as the rest of the world.
Our products do not just carry the idea of design. We also conduct strict quality control system and uses imported advanced machineries from Germany and Italy to manufacture each piece of furniture. Our research and development team passionately explore into the efficient production process that optimizes the use of resources to obtain the finest result. That is why we have managed to create high quality products at affordable prices.
Our excellent after sales service shows that we are committed and we do care for our customers. Looking into establishing a good long term relationship with our partners, we guarantee manufacturing quality for our customers.


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