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Fanya Lighting was founded in 2000, We are the manufacturer of Energy Saving Lmaps. Monthly output capacity is 1. 2Million. Fanya Lighting was established with a view of providing CFLs to the OEM lighting marketplace. Our products enter most countries in Latin American. At present, our new markets is North American and European Countries, products are UL, RoHs approval.
Since the beginning, we stick to the concept of "quality make the enterprises survive ", and always pursuit the quality of products and constantly innovate and perfect. We continually introduce into new technology, equipment and personnel, Our R & D department is made up of 1 senior engineer and 2 technicians, we have complete tection equipment, so the quality of our products has always been well and strictly controlled. Thus it protect well with the immediate needs of every customer. The company has also been considerable development.
Our technical advancements have primarily focused on two goals : developing more economical, energy-saving solutions and ensuring maximum environmental compatibility. In this precondition, lighting egineers were given the freedom to exploit CFLs. The lead time of new items is 1 month.
An excellent light must save energy and looks great, our product consume much less electricity than conventional incandescent lamps, they last much longer and they can be used in almost place of any ordinary light bulb.
The new T2 spiral bulb is a model of this idea, it' s slim and efficiency.
On the customer service, we always immediately inform our clients of the latest products so that they can update our poduct categories, and we' l introduce the details of every item that they are interested in. We emphasize that the benefits of our clients are the first thing we care for. What we pursued in really team-work both inside of our factory and with our customers. Now we insist on doing well in both domestic sales and export.


LED Bulbs, Energy Saving Lamps


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