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Focused on manufacturing of the LED Lighting and Fluorescent Lighting, Panera Lighting can serve the customers complete light solutions for home and industrial, indoor and outdoor applications.
Quality is always the priority to consider in Panera. All the lightings are produced in our ISO9001 quality system accredited factory therefore are subject to stringent ongoing quality control procedures. Targeted the worldwide markets, all the lighting products are manufactured and tested according to the updated internatinoal approvals.
Innovation is no less important than any other factors nowadays to survive in the competitive market. Panera Lighting is becoming one of the pioneer companies in the industry with our customer-oriented concept, innovation know-how and creative R & D team.
Price with competitiveness however is always our target to reach. We devote a great importance to reducing our management costs, production costs, rather than merely seeking the cheapest source of materials or components. Our principle is to provide good quality products with reasonable prices.
Service has become more and more decisive than ever. Panera Lighting has enjoyed trust from customers because we offer not only the high quality products but also the value-added services. We keep in mind that customers need not only a product, in most cases, they need a partner to get developed together. We listen to the customers, value their feedback, response in 24 hours, deliver in punctual time.
Quality, Innovation, Price and Service, you can count on them from Panera Lighting.


LED Lighting, Emergency Lamps, Night Lights


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