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Zhongshan Yanyu Lighting Co., Ltd is situated in the production base of the lighting industry----Guzhen Town. It is a comprehensive company involved in the development, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales services of LED outdoor lighting products.
We mainly produce LED series outdoor lamps and LED lighting products, such as LED guardrail lamps, 12-section color-changing guardrail lamps, LED seven-color guardrail lamps, LED color-changing bubbles, gradually- / abruptly-changing bubbles, LED color-changing lamp cups, LED rainbow tubes, LED lighting sets, LED down lamps, LED pool lamps, LED flood lamps, LED spot lamps, LED meadow lamps, LED decorative lamps and other products. Also, we design and perform the engineering of outdoor landscape illumination, building outline flood illumination, square and road illumination. The products are suitable for parks, squares, high buildings, living areas, shopping centers, high-speed highways, metros and other outdoor engineering. We have acquired customers' reputation and trust for the brightness, the innovative colors, the various styles and the considerate services.
With the policies of "professional spirit, top quality, paying attention to security and strict management", we set a foothold in the domestic market and actively develop the international market. We take innovation and quality improvement as our services philosophy. We have introduced advanced productive art and employed a strict-established troop as well as put attention to after-sales services. For many years, Yangyu Lighting has built a fine reputation among customers, well recognized by the domestic and foreign customers. We are pound to occupy certain market shares in the internal market and to export the products to foreign countries.
At the threshold of 2005, we are willing to serve more new and old customers with more innovate products at more favorable prices and stronger technique. We will cardinally serve wide new and old customers. Thank you for your concerns and supports to Yangyu Lighting. Warmly welcome you visit us!


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