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HEMIS is a company specializing in furniture design, innovation and manufacture, which has subsidiary companies and offices in Germany, Hong Kong and China. And she has registerd in Germany, Hong Kong, China, America, and Japan, etc.
"Furniture is created by design instead of by manufacture." There is a saying prevailing in European furniture industry. HEMIS has a very deep understanding about it for its long time competition in Europe, the highest level furniture market. HEMIS not only has strong ability of furniture origilal design and development, but also cooperates stably with some famous furniture design organizations. As constantly focusing on furniture original design and innovation, and enthusiastically using all kinds of nes material, new technique and new method, HEMIS products are very attractive in European market.
"Simple is the most natural beaut". HEMIS embodies this principle perfectly in her design. HEMIS products are simple but not ordinary, modern but not excessive, novel but not exaggerated. Everything seems so natural and familiar, strongly expressing wisdom and beauty of design. HEMIS knows that furniture can communicate with their owners, and she has an approximately monomaniacal passion on furniture design and innovation, so no matter in Germany, Hong Kong or China, she considers design as the sole of furniture and interject her experience and understanding of life and art into the designs, For these reasons, HEMIS product is well lided in Europe, China and other regions by the consumers who no only attach great importance on the home and living environment but also have distingue life taste. Many HEMIS products stand for the top trend of international furniture design.
HEMIS is fully aware of the profound furniture design and art is , and of the omportance of being professional. Thus HEMIS focuses only on two professional areas, and becomes outstanding players in these two areas.
The first area is Steel and Wood furniture. As an outstanding players in this area, HEMIS, catching the design features of preciseness, connotation, simple and applicability, completely bring into effect with high plasticity of metal and expandability of wood and incorporate perfectly with metal and wood by scientific material selection, technique innovation, clever color change and innovative usage of material. HEMIS steel and wood furniture breaks through the natural association of ideas that metal are cold and hard. Being the rage in the market, it wins itself with reputation of "flexible metal".
The second area is Bed. HEMIS bed is mostly made of metal and incorporated with some other materials, which style is simple, clear, and full of innervations. Perfectly combining with modern fashion and European calssic style, the unique style of HEMIS bed has a strong taste of art. At the same time, HEMIS bed has strong sense of art and modern character because it uses metal audaciously and reasonably. Using less wood, HEMIS bed is approbated and liked by the European and Chinese consumers who attach great importance on the healthy home and environment protection because it economizes precious wood resource and avoids formaldehyde pollution produced when processing wood. On the other aspect, HEMIS bed can provide the owner with better health protection because of HEMIS well using and control on the metal material and fully avail of metal tenacity after strict calculating and testing on the tenacity, elasticity and tension.


Metal Bed, Wooden Cabinet, Tv Stand, Storage Racks


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