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Shenzhen Carpenter Master Furniture CO. LTD , located in north NO. 35, jinlong 3 road, baolong industrial town, longgang district, ShenZhen, China, covering about 45,000 square metres area. In possession of a whole suit of furniture manufacturing of advanced import equipment, with 12 senior engineer, 56 senior professional technical staff, the number of employees over 400 people. Company is a large furniture manufactory through researching, producing and selling furniture of senior suites, living room and dining room, the annual production capacity come to 100,000 packages above.

After six years development, our company' s production scale, research technology, management ways and brand visibility in the industry has set up a higher prestige. Carpenter master uphold the integrity, innovation, entrepreneurship and beyond "people-oriented" management philosophy, to provide the humanization to consumers, to made the ideal furniture products to meet consumers' living.

Company inclines "MUJIANG" "WAUDI" and "KANJIA" brand has been popular in the market , which have enjoyed high reputation and visibility in the furniture field. In recent years, the product of Shenzhen Carpenter Master Furniture CO. LTD was rated "green furniture", "China' s outstanding green products", "green decorative model products"; Enterprise of carpenter master was rated "international brand develope enterprise", "quality of the integrity of consumers (users) language units", "AAA grate Member of quality integrity unit"; Mujiang brand was rated "Chinese superior quality products", "renowned brands" etc. Company is glorified as an up-and-coming enterprise in the peer.

Economic globalization, higher demands were set for domestic furniture companies , at the same time, the furniture fields also face to greater pressures of market competition. In order to adapt to the complicated environment, the carpenter master is born, we timely put forward the "standing steadly in the home-country and face to internation" strategy. First, upgrade internal product research-development and production skills; Second, adjust to domestic marketing positioning strategy, the comprehensive transformation is going to take in order to upgrade the image of special stores and the marketing standard of dealers. Third, we timely access to international markets, make the detailed international marketing plan. After the timely strategic adjustment, and the results have appeared initially, and have achieved good situation of development.

We very know : success must be on the basis of advanced and creative labour force and solidarity with the team and the strategic positioning of the enterprise. In the area of product development: Carpenter Master stick to the independent development path, not counterfeit, and not follow the trend. Over the past few years, reaching more than 100 design patents, and product possess of the domestic and overseas marketing; In marketing : the self-stores, the chain joining marketing and franchising a system of market covers more than 30 large and medium cities and more than 10 major countries, constitutes a Carpenter Master multi-level, all-round strategic market system; In management : Carpenter Master has built a people-oriented management system, and give the staff to play their initiative and creativity of, so that the Carpenter Master has a unlimited extension of the stage space, and for each staff who have more unlimited development space.

Accumulate steadily, spur abruptly. Six years, in the long course of history, just like a moment, but the accumulation of our six years has laid a solid foundation for our development, and building our century-old store became our norm. We work together for a better tomorrow as the blueprint , we also as to the development of furniture industry and voiced with support for the revitalization of the Chinese culture of home-living.


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