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Looking for Matting with compression wear-resisting, sound absorbing,
anti-electrostatic characteristics? Hop Shing Sisal Matting is your best choice.
Sisal Matting is very popular among countries in America and Europe. It is not
only environmental frendly and durable, but also provides massaging effect on
your feet.
The systematic name for Sisal is Agave Sisalana Perrine. It is a leaf
fiber crops of a kind of American Agave branch, produces originally in Dan
penissula of Mexico. Its leaf is ensiform, hard long and narrow. The length is
around 100-140cm, with width of 13-15cm. Its color ranges from ash green to
cyan. As Sisal is thermophilic and drought resisted, it is mostly suitable for
tropical or subtropical area. It is mainly grown in Mexico, Brazil and Tanzania.
And in China, it is mainly cultivated in Leizhou Peninsula and GuangXi region.
The leaf of Sisal is fibre-rich. The cells assume a long shape
structure. Their thick cell walls help maintaining a big and long cell cavity.
All of these attribute to its tenacious, elastic, fricteon-resisting,
anti-corrosive, non-slippery properties, Apart from daily necessities such as
Matting and handicraft, it is also widely used in fishery, navigation,
transportation and mining industry.




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