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Jiaxing Mingliu Electric Co., Ltd is 1995 and is specialized in kitchen appliances, toilet appliances and ceiling decoration materials. It has one technology centre and two scientific research organizations. There are about 32 technologists in the scientific research cehtre and technology centre. It strictly follows the ISO9001: 2000 system and the 5S management to make the inner management more normative and more scientific.
Jiaxing Mingliu has a modem standard workshop, advanced test equipment, high diathesis members, effective management systern and strict test proceeding in order to guarantee the high quality of the products. It has SAA, CE, CCC approvals. It has a very good market in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Sweden and Taiwan, and also has a very good market in about 20 provinces includes 300 cities in domestic market.
In 2000, Jiaxing Mingliu invested RMB4,000,000 to build the 2nd project (Plastic products department and metalwork department); In 2006, it built a design office in Hangzhou city for facies design; In 2007, it begins to cooperate with Zhejiang Industry University for basic design, bring in new material, adopting new technology in order to keep itself as the leader in the dormain.
Jiaxing Mingliu has been a member of the “China National Standard Bathroom Heater Group” for constituting the standard of bathroom heaters. In 2007, it is awarded as "the Unique Patent Demonstration Company in Zhejiang Province" by Zhejiang Science and Technology Hall.


Ceiling Mounts, Electric Household Appliances, Cooling Fans


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