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The Foshan South China Sea course industry limited company had beenestablished in 1993, is located Guangdong Province Foshan, is Chinamost early is engaged in the foreign sole-source investment enterprisewhich the automobile thing comprehensive development and produces.After more than 10 years fast growth, the company already developedinto Asia most to have the scale the automobile thing producer. Underthe company supposes six factories, the factory total area hasamounted to more than 40, 000 square meters. The company has theabundant technical force, the mature management horizontal, thegreatly strengthened research and development ability and the richprofession experience, in 2002 was obtains US to enlighten thegentleman Nepal company to be authorized into it in China' s automobilething one' s own production manufacture and the seller. In 2004 thecompany invites the film and television red star to be appointedreaches Mr. Hua to hold the post of the vigor quantity trump cardautomobile energy conservation product vivid spokesman, in 2005 alsoinvites the spokesman which senior entertainer grove auspiciousgentleman holds the post of the saint Chopin automobile sound, thecompany sale achievement to climb year by year. At present company' sproduct mainly has the automobile electronic products series, theautomobile sound series, the vehicle carries the GPS satellitenavigation series, the automobile aromatic compound series, theautomobile nurses the thing series, the automobile ornament series, the automobile rug series and lives at home the thing series and soon. Its quality and the design are at the profession leading position,country and the area and so on product best-selling Southeast Asia, Japan, North America and Europe.


Anti-Theft Devices, Central Locking Series


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