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B2B Industrial Co., Ltd. has been in the Freon gauge making business for more than 20 years, and since than has become a pioneer in the Freon manifold industry. The gauge also come out with a complete set of tools, including flaring tool, service tool, tube cutter, tube bender, tube expander, and so on. B2B's products are widely exported to various countries around the world. To meet growing demands, B2B has invested heavily in modernizing its manufacturing facilities as well as quality inspection equipment. B2B understands the important of quality assurance when it comes to leveling their standards in accordance to international practice.


Manifold Gauge Sets, Testing Manifold, Freon Gauge, Single Valve, Flaring Tools, Gauge, Tube Cutter, Tube Bender, Tube Expander, Quick Coupler, Atlantis, Gage, Fitting, Sight Glass, Tire Gauge, Auto Gauge, Automobile Gauge, Charging Hoses, Thermometer, Digital Tire Gauge, Triple Gauge, Pressure Gauge, Tachometer, Manometer, Can Tap Valve, Tube Fittings, R134a, R22, R410a, R404a, R407c, R502, Refrigerant Gauge, Tire Pressure Gauge, HVACR, Pressure Switch, Charging Meters, Injectors, Digital Thermometers, Freon Hoses, Manifolds, HVAC, Gauge Cocks, Valves, Tire Inflator Gauge, Tire Inflator, Chuck, Oil Pressure Gauge, Oil Temperature Gauge, Fuel Gauge, Turbo Boost Pressure Gauge, Boost Gauge, Racing Gauge, A/F Gauge, Water Temperature Gauge


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