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 N.S. Lin Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded on the basis of South East Metal Co., Ltd., and is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of Tire Valves,Industrial Valves,Sensor Tire Valves,Flexible Extensions,Invisible Valves,and Aluminum Alloy Lug Nut(high tension,high torque,light weight,anodized in colors.)
  The outstanding ability of R&D and quality control is the characteristic of N.S. Lin Industrial Co., Ltd. Every year we develop several kinds of new products to meet customers' needs. It's believed by us that "Advancement" & "Quality" lead to customers' satisfaction, which is what we concentrate most on.

  The door of N.S. Lin Industrial Co., Ltd. is always open. No matter to place order for our high-quality products, or requirements for research of new products, N.S. Lin Industrial Co., Ltd. is very glade to do the best to serve you.
For Trucks & Buses, For Passenger Cars & Light Trucks, For Farm Tractors & Off-the-road-equipment, Aluminum Alloy Lug Nuts



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