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Hong Kong Boliya Industry Development Co., Ltd, founded in 1995 in the mainland of China, has developed into a mature enterprise integrated the design, development, manufacture, and sale of fabric furniture, with 3 production bases, a group of splendid senior managements, and 400 qualified special personnel. And the company has brought its life style of "Enjoy the life at leisure in the quiet and tasteful environment" to more and more customers both at home and abroad.

 These years, Boliya has created the new soft household culture. Taking quality and credit as the life line of the enterprise' s survival and development and pursuing the fact as the working style, implementing the quality management according to the international standard strictly, the company developed more and got several international titless and laurels, such as the title of "China Excellent Environment-friendly Product" recommended by both China Medium & Light Product Quality Guarantee Center and China International Environment-Protection Management Center, and the title of "China Named Brand ".

 Boliya pays more attention to the resource and research on the market to satisfy the customers. In the design, it filters the principle of aesthetics and mechanics of human body to make the products comfortable, practical, elegant, and with full-bodied cultural taste and unique artistic charm. Our products are sold well in large and medium cities in domestic and exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as the Occident and Southeast Asia, etc, and gain high popularity among them.

 Combined with the position and popularity in the market, Boliya spreads its brand' s effect and creates many franchised stores all around the country for the long-term development. In the world, it builds up a piece of flag, develops a successful brand road, and creates the first brand in the domestic household culture.

 Boliya sets its R&D basis in Shenzhen and Dongguan, the fashionable basis of the domestic furniture, and builds up a R&D production basis of 10,000m2 in Dongguan. Depending on the Zhujiang Delta, the company devotes itself into the national management all the time. In Shandong Linyi, the center of the Bohai Economic Circle (one of 3 large Economic Circles in China), Boliya builds up a production basis with an area of 20 hectares in 2005. Investing 100 million RMB firstly, it aims to build up a modern industrial park integrated production, life, business, and leisure into a whole. It is expected that the basis will be put into production completely in April of 2006, and then the sofa output will reach 80,000 sets per year.

 In addition, the company has achieved a lot in the trend of the industrial chain. "Violet" Sofa Fabric Co., Ltd, the underling of Boliya, is a typical company. In the development of the fabric of the sofa, "Violet" has been the leader in the same industry. And the effective industrial chain activities have brought the competitive advantages which other sofa enterprises could not assimilate with.


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