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Guangri Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. s a leading manufacturer of toroidal coil winding equipment. The program includes machines for winding toroidal power transformers, current transformers, inductors and variable voltage transformers, rectangle coils and stadium coils as well as toroidal taping machines, rectangle/stadium core taping machine and transformer tester.
Always aiming towards improving quality and performance a highly qualified and design team and the most advanced manufacturing equipment secure a long life and dependability of all Guangri products, Many features of the equipment are covered by Chinese and foreign patents, contributing to its reputation for the highest productivity in today's tough work environment.
Top quality is assured according to the TUV ISO9001 standard system . Products are subjected to a strict testing program before they are released to customers, and we offer an extensive warranty and after sales service including easy access to replacement parts, directly or through our network of distributors . Excellent service has helped make our products known all over Southeast Asia and boosted sales in many other markets.
We look forward to working for you and with you for many years to come.


Winding Machines, Automatic Winding Machines


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