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SINOMAX ENTERPRISES LTD. is comprised of 3 corporations, Tung Ah Chinese Holding Groups, Luen Tai Group and Tong Tai Group. Its factory is in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, with 6 factory buildings and 22 subsidiary offices distributed throughout Hong Kong, China and United States. Its facilities and production lines accounting for more than hundred million dollars are most advanced in the world.
Its scopes of business include sponges and related products, hardware, plastics, sprayed chemicals, sewing, electronic assembling etc., giving to the development of various brands like Tung Ah Brand of high quality sponge products, Feather Living and German Lexor brand of high quality bedsystem. SINOMAX brand of pillows and mattresses, SINOMAX' s household products.

Our mission is to provide a reliable supply of quality products and services to our customers/partners worldwide. With ISO 9001 certification, our efforts are being approved. We are also committing to helping them succeed as well as strengthening our alliances so as to establish a mutually beneficial relationship in long term.
Sinomax is a professional massage chair manufacturer. We produce a variety of massage chairs from simple models to levels of multiple functions versions that satisfy the high expectations of various customers from all over the world.
With the accumulative experience in healthcare products, our R&D and engineers have ambitiously created newer, more stylish, comfortable and durable massage chairs with quality motors and massage techniques for you. This provides you with the ultimate relaxation and medication results as effective as a real massage by a professional masseur!

"Quality" is our enthusiasm towards resources and production, and this we have proven with our European and American customers' satisfaction and constant support, Customer satisfaction comes from the quality of our chair designs as well as the good massage that they offer. We adapt those authentic massage skills into ergonomic mechanical movements and combine them with comfort and sophisticated design into a luxury experience for you.
Our factory has a monthly productivity of 30,000 chairs. We welcome you to visit our stores, exhibitions as well as our website for more information and new products.


Massage Chair, Mattress, Foamed Sponges


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