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With over a decade of manufacturing experience in making,assembly and developing various RF & FAKRA HSD connectors. AIMMET offers a wide range of connectors which are used broadly in automotive, telecommunication, wireless, information processing such as GPS, DAB, DVB, cellular phone, data communications and so on.

Through unceasingly researching & developing and with strict ISO 9001 & ISO/TS 16949 quality management system & ISO 14001 environment management system, we always can meet our customer's precise requirements. "The customer's satisfaction is our most achievement. "

There is a remarkable trend towards the development of wireless communication and digital content for Vehicle. Homogeneous impedance controlled interconnects system for high speed data (HSD) transmission applications is developed by AIMMET in 2009. This will be a high performance digital system for low voltage differential signals (LVDS) that prevents interference by crosstalk and external noise. The presented method is to bear two balanced pin pairs in one connector, and to let the characteristic impedance close to 100Ω. Moreover, the application fields of this connector in Vehicle are: USB connections, IEEE1394, ETHERNET and LVDS cameras, etc.

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Manufacturer of Autimotive Fakra, Fakra SMB Connector, Autimotive HSDaimmet Connector and RF Connector


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