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DuxLite is a brand name of SinoStar Lighting Group Limited. We provide our customers with a series of innovative and revolutionary lighting products mainly for solar and wind application.
We are dedicated to developing new lighting products to meet the increasing demand from global markets. Topping the market demand is our specially designed 12V and 24V DC Compact Fluorescent Lamp (DC CFL) which is wildly used in solar and wind energy for housing, trucks, boats, ships, solar lighting systems and emergency lighting etc. It is energy saving and an ideal replacement for traditional incandescent lamps.
We have also designed solar panel powered lamps, like Solar LED lamps, Solar Garden Lamps, Solar Street Lighting Systems, Solar Traffic Sign Lamps and Solar desk lamps, etc.
In addition, we are manufacturing a full line of fluorescent lamps, including our newly developed aquarium lamps for the worldwide pet market.
Our new products-LED Muffler Extension Pipe, LED High-Mounted Brake Light and LED Decoration Lamp which were released in 2003 have been very successful.


Solar Lamps


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