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Kingdery lighting Co, Ltd., established in 1998, former name
is Jindalai Lighting &electronic appliance factory. Through
incessant development and effective capital recombine, we
established Kingdery Lighting Co, Ltd in Hong Kong, and
successfully set up Kingdery Lighting Co. Ltd in Zhong Shan
which is our important manufacturing base in Mainland in the
end of 2003. It owns two big brands: International brand
Kingdery and domestic brand Jindalai.
The plant of Kingdery covers 32,000 square meters. Factory
buildings are "Black" as main color, a building row upon row
of other building, owning European style, following
international tideway, and having internationalization and
intelligentized feature. Our company bends ourselves to
furniture, commerce, and office three big fields. It
integrates with the research, production and sales. We
specialize in manufacturing pendant lamps, ceiling lamps,
table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, and mirror lamp and so
on, and export to Europe, America, and Asia and many developed
countries and territories. It is one of the biggest scope and
best environment lighting product manufacturing base in China.


Ceiling Lamp, Wall Lamp, Table Lamp, Pendant Lamp


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