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Maroco is established in 2000. Our major products have household, garden tools, plumbing, and all kinds of screws. The key business idea is “Always offer high quality products and promote services to customers”. The covered customers include importers, factories for OEM & ODM, retailers, trading company and repair markets etc. In addition to head office in Taiwan, there are two branch offices in China and Thailand to promote the level of products and prices from excellent partners to meet customer’s demands at current competitive global markets. Our markets are occupied in North American, North Europe and Asia. If you need more details concerning our company. Please contact our sales department at any time. We will reply all as soon as we can.


Faucets, Showerheads, Iron Wire Kitchenware & Hardware, Garden Tools in General, Pipe fittings for Water Supply, Check Valves, Screws, Plastic Products, Water Filters, Kitchen Utensils, Soap Holders, Air Compressor, Compressor, Compressors, Auto Accessories, Auto Parts, Nylon Vacuum Bag, Vacuum Barrel, Storage Vacuum Clamp, Vacuum Clamp, Clamp, Hardware, Locks, Sanitaryware, Toilet, Pedestal Basin, Art Basin, Basin, Cabinet Basin, Water Tank, Squatting Pan, Mop Tub, Urinal, Auto Toilet, Auto Urinal, Auto Flush


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