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JL Company, established by a group of founders who have strong imagination and pioneering spirit, has been dreaming to be a prestigious enterprise in the field of LED. Brilliant achievements have been obtained in environmental protection and energy-saving during the past decade.
The core strategy of JL lies in the Quality and making the future enter today becomes the culture of enterprise.
JL has become a strategic partner undertaking exploitation and production with a property base of 15000 square meters, around 500 mature products and 32 patents. JL sets up a system of scientific research and development, in possession of knowledge property right and focus on the intending core-competition ability. Service networks are all over China forming a sales system of three grades and serve for high-end projects. Dynamic and unique illumination in the evening gives life to the city and glories to us. JL has completed lighting design in some large-scaled developments such as Hangzhou Golden Rivera Compound, Hangzhou Liqun Tower and Suining Construction Bureau Tower in Sichuan, etc.
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Landscape Lamp, Decorative Lights, LED Lamps, Solar Lamps


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