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The leader of Han King Plastic Machine Co., Ltd. has already invested several decades of striving in this field of Blown Film Machine with utmost fervor. Since the company established, We always insist on keeping the idea of 'innovation', 'excellent quality', 'good service' and 'satisfactory' in management. We can customized to meet customer requirements and to achieve humanity machinery with professional and sophisticated technology. In accordance with the different requirement from customer, the design of whole plant equipment, the layout of machinery and formula of raw material, etc., are supported with most modern program by Han King’s expert team with utmost training constantly. Overall processing include the selection of spare parts,raw material and assembling of machinery are finalized on a strict control. Repeated machine test before delivery as a guarantee to customer. Good after-sale service make us win the trust furthermore.

To the future, we insist on the principle of 'technology promoted', 'excellent quality', 'minimized customer cost' and 'satisfactory enhanced'. Regard Taiwan as the base of ‘research& development’ to expand to overseas markets and stretch toward internationalization. With the devoting to latest technology and overcome complexity challenge, to accept customers’ suggestion and provide intact after-sale service to accomplish the goal of user being paramount.


Three-layer Heavy Co-Extrusion Blown Film Line, Agricultural-use Huge Film Production Line (Single/Double/Triple-layer), Slipproof & Bi-convex Embossing Device for Heavy Duty Film, Blown Film Line Connecting With Printing Device for Three-Layer Heavy Duty Film, Resin Super High Speed Inflation Machine, LDPE/LLDPE Super High Speed Blower Film Machine, LHE (HD/LD/LLDPE) High Speed Inflation Machine, HDPE Blown Film Line for Vest Bag & Garbage Bag, Agricultural & Industrial-use Huge film Production Line, Blown Film Line For Heavy Duty Film In Single Layer / Double Layer And Three Layer, Three-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Line, Five Layer Blowning Film Line, LDPE Blowing Film Line, Plastic Extruder, Blowing Film Line, Co-Extrusion, Pvc Heat Shrinkable Film Making Machines, Magic-Seal Plastic Bag Making Machines, Blown Film, Blowing Film, Shrink Film, Industrial Films, Embossing Device


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