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As a leading brand in gear technology, Sesame Motor Corp. is a professional factory for the manufacturer of speed reducers and motors, it is founded in1990, starting with a dozen of employees and a factory of 200 square meters, with a steadfast management, it has expanded little by little to a company of professional manufacture company of motors and speed reducers with actual capital of NT$110 million and almost hundred of employees.
We manufacture a variety of AC & DC motors, brake motors, gear motors, induction motors, speed reducers, reversible motors, torque motors and variable speed motors used in applications for machine tool, electric devices, transportation machinery, packing machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, medical equipment, vending machines, textile machinery and automatic machinery.
The Sesame Motor Corp. has devoted to the R&D of high precision and quality motors and the surrounding transmission systems, the main products of motors and speed reducers have gain the reputation among the customers, which occupy one of the leading positions in the market, the new generation products of planetary gearhead, worm wheel speed reducers and linear actuator motor, especially the high precision planetary speed gearhead, which has its international reputation for its excellent quality, it is not only well accepted among the customers in Taiwan and China, but also exported to Korea, the speed reducers Sesame Motor Corp. can also be seen in machines and equipments of well-know brands like Haier of China and LG and SAMSUNG of Korea.


AC Motor, Brake Motor, Gear Motor, Induction Motor, Electric Motor, Precision Motor, Reversible Motor, Torque Motor, Variable Speed Motor, Speed Reducer, Precision Planetary Gearheads


Address: No.599, Sec 1, Hemu Rd., Shengang, Taichung 42953, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-4-2561-0011
Fax: 886-4-2562-7766
URL: www.sesamemotor.com.tw

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