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Encore Electronics, Inc., is now entering into its 10th years in the designing, manufacturing and supply of a full range of computer networking products. Our Taiwan operations and manufacturing facilities in China consist of over 300 employees. Our sales branch in the USA consist of over 20 employees. Encore Electronics expects a growth of 35 million US dollars in revenue in year 2004.
Quality, Benefits and Services
Our products include Wire/Wireless LAN products/ADSL Router, VOIP products as well as SOHO NAS …etc. Encore Electronics Inc. is structured to provide good quality products, versatile benefits and efficient services. Regardless of the type of demands, Encore Electronics can always address our customers' requirements to achieve the quickest response. In addition, Our products are certified with ISO 9001 series international quality assurance system, FCC Part A/B and CE as well.


ADSL, Communication Products, Ethernet, LAN, Modem Network Management, Services, Networking Product Router, USB Hub, Voip, Wireless Products Bluetooth, Switch, Router, Multimedia


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