GuangZhou Multi-cell Semiconductor Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a Leading reaearch and development company in the production of super energy-saving LED illumination lighting series incorporating both solar power and normal power. The company company comprises many eperts in this field of new energy and new light source technologtise and posses a talented team, experienced in marketing and business management, who are able to develop and promote this new illumination concept which is Environmental Friendly, Super Energy - Saving and Highly Efficient.
Guangzhou Multi-cell semiconductor Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Already owns numerous patents in the realm of LED illumination systems. It has been able to solve the technical problems which have been encountered by the other engineers in making LED high output illumination. The company has already released numerous products utilising LED lighting with power from 2W to 1000W and all products have a wide range of advantages over other light forms, as a result of being Super Environment Friendly, of High Output, High Illumination, High Efficiency, Super Energy - Saving (60%-80%) and Super Long life Span (50,000-100,000 hours).
In China and Hong Kong some famous conglomerates and public areas such as roads, streets, highways, gardens, shopping malls, hospitals, and residential developments are using solar or normal power products developed by our company. Positive comments have been recived continuously regarding this innovative technology.
We are conident that Super Energy - Saving LED Lighting System is the future for a multitude of illumination purposes and it is this company' s goal to become a world leader in this exciting technology.
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