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Lifan Aluminum-The first brand of China' s furniture aluminum material!
Lifan Aluminum-The first awarded "the green star" in Chinese hardware enterprise!
Lifan Aluminum-The first group that has past the ISO9001 certificate in China!
Lifan Aluminum-Shares the first with the sales for four years continuously not only in domestic market but also in abroad market!
Lifan Aluminum-The unique Chinese furniture aluminum material enterprise that own four branches, professional sales, and there are more than 100 service people!
Lifan Aluminum-The only Chinese aluminum material enterprise who establishes two investigation and exploitation departments with the biggest ability of products exploitation and owning patent products about 20 series! And also supplies the techenique for customers activly!
Lifan Aluminum-Cost much to bring in import automation production and process in one producting technology!
Lifan Aluminum-Saling the products which is ready-to-wear in the store previously!
Lifan Aluminum-The first furniture aluminum material enterprise that has its own fleet!
Lifan Aluminum-Carry on the "accepting complaint, make amends to customers" in reality!
Lifan Aluminum-The first establish "Lifan 100 cents project" to support and help education!


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