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Sunshine Electronic Factory was founded in 1996, which is located in the Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City ,a foreland of Opening and Reforming of China and is regarded as the lighting of China. As famous manufacturer and system integrator in electronic products, Sunshine Electronic is a high-tech company that specialize in researching.

Our company upholds the managerial belief of "Take Man as the Foundation, Honest and Practical, Innovation Development, Pursuing Excellent". We still persist in the belief of "quality first", and look it as the life. Our products were manufactured according to the standards of B/T19001-IS09001 Quality System since 1999 .In addition, Fly-killing & Mosquito-killing lamp has been awarded the "3C" certificate, Emergency lighting has been awarded the "CQC" certificate and "Type Approval of Fire Product" certificate which is awarded by Center for Fire Products, Ministry of Public Security.

With "Zero defect", All of our products which have been awarded the certificates pass through annual national inspection in despite of Quality Supervision and Inspection or Sampling Inspection and therefore praised by correlative government instruments.

Sunshine electronic owns a group of well educated, younger, professional cadres and technicians. It has stronger strength and abundant experience in the whole process of designing, developing, producing, installing and servicing. Sunshine electronic cooperates closely with the national key laboratory of the fire science of the National University of Science and such domestic famous universities as Zhongshan University, etc., devotes to the basic research concerning fire science and the study of the complete killing of insects, and develops the fire control lamps and lanterns and kill mosquito' s lamps and lanterns suitable for using in special places together with these organizations.

There is static -proof clean production environment and the world-class production equipments such as SMT, vision check, ICT, etc. in Sunshine electronic. It owns advanced fire parameters test, electromagnetic compatibility test, EMC test, static test, and monitor and measure equipments such as smoke box, warm case, damp and hot case, etc. which offer the powerful assurance for product quality.

Sunshine electronic and its sell and service organizations that spreads all over the country can provide services such as swift, thoughtful technological information, system design, and system safeguard etc. to customers.

Having been making great efforts for many years, Sunshine electronic has formed continuously developing, quite competitive core managing and technological group and begins to manage and march towards grouping and internationalization. All Sunshine electronic people will work hard jointly, improve continuously, meet customer" s demands, surmount the expectation of customers, construct Sunshine electronic and make it become a world known industrial group which concentrates on the production of fly and mosquito killing lamps and lanterns and fire control lamps and lanterns do our scared duty of guaranteeing people' s lives to the best possible degree.


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