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Yoopin Furniture Factory is an innovated enterprise which is specialized in manufacturing various types of high quality leather furniture. It is close to the world - famous road –Houjie Furniture Road.
Since establishing, we are insisting on two faiths to guide our factory: The products should be simple but not rough and the products should be decorous not gaudy. So our products have owned our own special styles----Elegance, Nobleness and Specialties in furniture industry.
To let our enterprise to be the first class furniture factory: We have absorbed different furniture talents and staff with full experience and technique to congregate our factory. We use the green MDF with good quality leather or regenerated leather. Our ingenuity design, special material and lofty technique make our YOOPIN furniture to be popular day by day.
With the spirit of "The road is far but it is not further then the feet". With the managing Faith of "Specialty, honest". We believe that we can realize the aim of multi-benefits for our staffs, our customers and for our enterprise.
Brand faith: yoopin furniture combined the high standard of home furniture in the world and the experience of ours to manufacture special style furniture. To make regenerated leather furniture become much better and special.
Our products quality is strict, from starting manufacturing products to products are completed, we pay close attention to every details. All of these show the connotation of yoopin furniture.
Aim of enterprise: create new representative of leather furniture
Spirit of enterprise: Though the road is far, and we will meet lots of trouble, we will try our best to get to our aim. And we believe we can get to.
Faith of enterprise: Specialty, honest. Let workers, sellers, customers and factories all get benefits.


Dining Sets, Bed, Sofa, Desks, Book Cabinets


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