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DONGGUANG RUIBO FURNITURE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is the specialty furniture company, we apply us to the exploiture, designment, manufacture and furniture engineering of furniture. The products include: Environmental Cupboard , Environmental Garderobe, Environmental Office Furniture, students appliance, Clapboard , Laboratory Appliance, guesthouse furniture and so on.Especially, the Laboratory Appliance and Environmental Garderobe take up prodigious market. We will introduce more details about the Laboratory furniture.

We are in pursuit of service paramountcy and keep improving on technology, our client sing high praise of them . We develop fast on account of the client auspice, the technology, manufacture strength and company scope steadily go up. Today, in the information developing fast society, we first achieve our operation network, we hope you can know us well
through website and phone. Welcome to vist our company.
Our products :
* Environmental Cupboard
* Environmental Garderobe
* Environmental Office Furniture
* Students appliance
* Clapboard
* Laboratory Appliance

DONGGUANG RUIBO FURNITURE INDUSTRY LTD. is accomplished in lab layout, lab furniture design, engineering installation, after service universal unification. It make the lab more scientific, normative, modern and civilization, it provide the reasonable layout, safe, comfortable, individual, professional environment for most of lab personnel. Therefore, we bing the newest equipment technology, decoration idea, special demand of lab personnel into the lab systems engineering, develop the GLP concept, lead the lab science and technology tide.

A scientific, canonical, normal lab not only need beautiful and decent furniture, but also require good whole effect, we according to the different require and environment to design and install, such as the provide/drain water, circuit, air feed systems, aeration systems. We will make you lab achieve a good effect on the whole , function, safety. It will become the moderm lab you need.

We can provide the lab furniture products:
* lab center desk, border desk, balance desk, office desk.
* vessel cabinet, leechdom cabinet, reagent cabinet, sample cabinet, aeration cabinet, exeed clean desk.
* poison cabinet, bottle cabinet, keep sample cabinet, data cabinet, chage clothes cabinet , water cabinet.
* fluid meter, gas meter, balance, acidity, PH meter, and so on.
* lab fitment.
* lab aeration system.
* professional lab technology project service.
* special equipment /system/requirement project service.


Environmental Cupboard, Environmental Garderobe, Book Cabinets


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