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AUGUS ELECTRONICS ZHUHAI CO., LTD is 1 to gather a development, produce, sale, service at the integral whole of profession LED watertightness power supply, big power switch power supply produce business enterprise. Company with borrow at the LED watertightness power supply and big power switch power supply of abundant development experience, strong technique strength, careful quality management, forerunner of the equipments, Jing Geng are thin to make of style, the attitude for make people the center, create to submit to have outstanding quality of high technology product. Whole heartedly provide a superior quality for the customer, safety, economy energy, environmental protection, stability of product with considerate of service.
AUGUS ELECTRONICS ZHUHAI CO., LTD for semi-conductor illuminate the profession provide function good, safety credibility of outdoor, indoor LED watertightness power supply, practice overall quality management system, strict according to the ISO9001 : 2000 standard of request establishment quality management system of in the meantime keep on availably carrying on norm to turn operation, all product pass EMC and LVD test; The product connect ground and can attain to defend thunder effect, and the protection grade also attain IP67 or IP68; The product pass EMC and LVD test; Adoption efficiently, low consume of TOP chip, inside add to spread a hot slice, exaltation LED lamp the life span, stability of the product, lower light Wen Sheng of the Shuai, power supply.
Now, company already equipment forerunner of produce equipments and examination instrument, also own a be engaged in several years neon light electronics transformer and LED watertightness power supply of development, produce experienced technique team, have a strong technique development ability with abundant of electronics product produce experience. Have several years AUGUS ELECTRONICS ZHUHAI CO., LTD of abundant experience just with health, quickly speed booming development, take orders the business enterprise aim of "take guest as, take quality as origin", with Gao, new, the product of Jing, superior quality of service, persistence"equal, trustworthiness, cooperation, development" of management the principle supply you bring most satisfaction of product!
The principle of management of the company : Pass power supply business, the dint diagram is an improvement and exaltation social activities, push forward world culture development, and the Earth environment the symbiosis do contribute.
The company service principle : Taking top-grade product, technique, management as the customer, employee, society create larger value.
AUGUS ELECTRONICS company all colleague from the bottom of the heart hope at equal with each other the foundation of the benefit top hold hands with you total enter combine sincerity contribute efforts to you.




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