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HEP Group of companies specialises in the development and manufacturing of standard and hi-tech electronic ballasts and electronic transformers for a wide varieties of lamps including High Intensity Discharge lamps, linear and compact fluoresecent lamps, NaH lamps as well as low-voltage halogen lamps . All HEP products are made with high safety and performance standards and bear certifications from ENEC (05), CE, UL.
Established since 2002 with about 200 team members, HEP has its headquarters in Taiwan, under HEP Tech Co Ltd. Its production arms consist of a semi-production line in Taiwan and an ISO-9000 certified production facilities located at the heart of Zhuhai National Hi Tech Industrial Zone in China.

HEP GmbH, based in Germany, consists of a sales office and R&D Lab. The sales team, headed by Mr. Klaus Esser, who has been known in the lighting industry for 20 years, serves to provide European customers with utmost customer services and prompt delivery of goods from our Germany warehouse. HEP's Lab further enhances HEP's commitment to product excellence by developing state-of-the-art products to suit current market trends and safety regulations.

HEP's R&D centers in Germany and Taiwan are fully equipped with the latest measuring and testing facilities, including equipment for EMC measurements also on luminaires.

HEP Group aims to break new ground in the electronic industry by creating high quality transformers and energy saving ballasts while its Asian production facilities contribute to maintaining the Group's competitive pricing strategy.

HEP Group supplies to the global markets and has capability to develop special customised equipment as well.


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Company: HEP TECH CO., LTD.

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