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Huanli hardware locates the furniture centre of HouJie town, Dongguan city, is a gathers a development and produce, goes together with to send in the integral whole of professional furniture hardware business enterprise. The company owns an own production factory, including an aluminum type a material to squeeze a production line, the argon-arc welding stainless steel is curved to take care of a production line, blunt press a production line etc., top-grade development team, strong cooperation colleague, produce a factory house to provide series for each layer various furniture the most high-efficiency, stabilize quality most, the most low cost furniture hardware accessories.
  The company is in the light of with quality, prestige, for this its idea have a foothold furniture accessories zero areas is a lately old customer just as since provide the superior quality service toward the ground


Hold Hands, The Sort of Feet, The Sort of Wheel, Adornment Piece, Adapting Piece, The Screw, Nut, Track, Reamer, Electricity Accessories, Light Slice, Lock, Turntable


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