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A specialist designer and maker of HID lamps, GPS items, performance parts, and assorted electrical automotive accessories, Zhejiang Fushi Electric Machinery adopts cutting-edge technologies and advanced equipment to fully meet customer needs. Besides enabling the creation of many business opportunities with seasoned in-house R&D capability, we are also an excellent OEM and ODM partner for dozens of customers at home and abroad. Stringent QA and a sound marketing system also help us to achieve remarkable sales of HID lamps and GPS items.

Aiming to consistently develop innovative, hi-tech products, we also help solve practical problems for customers, such as to better increase value-to-price ratio, with aggressive, down-to-earth attitude. Our outstanding teamwork always guarantees quality and service, as well as supplying energy-efficient, eco-friendly, yet competitively priced products.

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Global Positioning Systems & Accessories, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories, Car Mirrors, Car Locks, Car Speakers, Performance Auto Parts & Accessories, Anti-theft Systems, Headlights, Warning Lights, Bulbs, Jacks, Switches, Relays, Steering Wheels, Air Filters, Interior Lights, Fog Lamps, Car Entertainment Systems


Number of Total Employees: 500
Year Established: 1998
Total Annual Sales (USD): 15 million
Export Percentage: 80%
Export Market: Europe, North America, Central & South America
Brand Name: FS.FCM
Capital (USD): RMB 80 million
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: * Consistent R&D of new products
* Adopting the latest technologies

HID xenon real factory: Bulbs,ballasts and kits.
Motorcycle Parts Plant: Magneto Coil and plate,Flywheel,Clutch series.
Contact Person: Fu Chang-mu (Chairman)

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