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Shenzhen SHENZHEN NAIMING OPTO CO., LTD. is theBeijing Czechoslovakia industrious science and technology limitedcompany's Holdingsubsidiary company. The Beijing Czechoslovakiaindustrious science and technology limited company is engaged inforeign management network network equipment the and so on product ---router, switchboard, firewall large-scale IT enterprise.
The parent company was located Chinese capital - Beijing, thebeginning constructs in 1997, set up a business for 10 years, therealization continues the stable development.
Shenzhen bears the bright photoelectricity limited company company tobe established June, 2005, the company is located the Shenzhenvaluable peaceful area, the total investment 30 million Renminbi, anissue invests 20 million Renminbi, two issues invest 10 millionRenminbi, locates to the high tech technology high new science andtechnology enterprise.
The company mainly divides into four enterprises department: LEDphotoelectricity product enterprise department, precise revertexproduct enterprise department, solar energy product enterprisedepartment, precision mold product enterprise department.
LED photoelectricity product enterprise department main production: Seven colors picture elements screen, the curtain wall lamp, the pointsource, the guard rail lamp, buries the lamp, shoots the lamp, thesolar energy lamp, food manatee LED, high efficiency LED, SMD LED, andeach superelevation bright red candle, Bai Deng, the blue lamp, thegreen light, the purple lamp, the infrared launching tube and so onthe upscale LED product, the product widely uses in the city inbright, the room is bright aspect and so on, the handset backphotosource, advertisement lamp, indicating lamp, steam headlight, signal light and decorative lighting.
Precise revertex product enterprise department main production: Thehigh efficiency LED lens, the illuminating lens, the astigmatic lens, optics lens, optics lens, the guard rail rubber tube, Capsule and so oneach kind of Asian gram force, PC, the PE product, the product mainlyuses in the photoelectricity product to be diaphanous, theastigmatism, condenses, the reflection, expands the light and so on.
The solar energy product enterprise department main proxy sells: Lightand so on solar energy silicon chip, solar energy module, solar energyunit crystal silicon chip, polytropism silicon chip, solar energy rawmaterial, solar cell material bends down the product, the productwidely uses in to generate electricity, the illumination, thecommunication, the electric appliance, agricultural, the cathodicprotection, the electronic products, the government environment, thedesalination sea water, the raise energy plant and so on many aspects.
Precision mold product enterprise department main production: The hightransparent Asian gram force, PC, PE and each kind of engineeringplastics mold, the product mainly uses in various pseudoplasticproduct to decide the mold.
The company carries out by "the high quality holds the market, thegood service wins the customer, the whole staff diligently creates thebenefit" the management idea, established a set to have suits theenterprise development and the market demand modern management system, had the high tech technology, the high quality talented person, thehigh standard management and the outstanding enterprise culture. Aftermore than two years of development, the LED photoelectricity product,the solar energy light bent down the product, the precise revertexproduct, the precision mold product wins the domestic and foreigngeneral customers' approval, the product has sold in distant marketsEurope, North America and so on the international market, the presentproduct fell short of demand.
The company by the advanced specialized production equipment, the highquality management troop, the high level specialized technologydevelopment personnel and the multitudinous well-trained skilledstaff, the company comprehensively carries out Swiss SGS Corporation ISO14001: 2,004 environment systems and ISO9001: 2,000 qualitysystems.
The excellent quality and the consummation service bears naimin' s man theunremitting pursue, continues to improve, unceasingly to innovate, isbears naimin' sman development goal.


Spot Light Lamp, Street Light, Supper Power LED, Steam Headlight


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