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CASECOM-The leader in the industry
CASECOM, a ISO 9001 manufacturer and exporter of professional computer chassis, power suppliers and cooling fans, Founded in 1996, CASECOM provides high quality chassis and power supply that confirm to all safety regulations, as well as unsurpassed customers service.
Innovation and Quality
Client-wise, CASECOM cater its services to an esteemed clientele consists of (SI) system integrators, strategic OEM partners, and successful channel partners and have achieved its success with CASECOM long-term partners based on trust, loyalty and mutual benefits.
CASECOM started as a PC chassis and power supply manufacturer in 1996 and has been successfully migrating from mid to high-end IT related product lines, including PC chassis, server and power supply. When it comes to R&D, CASECOM is relentlessly determined and has always been on the innovation bandwagon. Therefore, devoted R&D effort and ingenuity are the key criteria, which help maintaining CASECOM competitive edge and securing its market leadership.
Our Vision
Professional and innovative integration of mechanical expertise and electronic in the PC industry.
Our Mission
Providing persistent stylish design, innovative products, competitive price, steady quality, fast delivery and best customer service to meet all customers' needs.
Welcome to join CASECOM. Accelerate the success with us.


Light Tubes, Power Supplies, Cooling Fans, Computer Cases


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