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Jeng-hai Enterprises specializes in cold rolling and forming machines for metal plates. For more than 20 years Jeng-hai has accumulated experience in many new types of products and technology and have gained a solid reputation in the international market. We offer cold rolling machines with high output rates, outstanding performance and excellent quality, all at the most reasonable costs. We are the best choice for anyone looking for cold rolling machines.
Cold rolling machines are used to work galvanized steel, coated steel, cold-rolled steel, coated aluminum, bare aluminum and other types of metal sheets into certain forms. Their principal applications are for construction materials like steel sheets, spacer frames, roofing panels, window blind frames and runners, telescoping tubes, telescoping C frames and other similar materials.
Jeng-hai has always striven to achieve the highest quality with the greatest efficiency in its manufacturing operations. We specialize in high-performance cold rolling machinery, and we have built up a broad customer base which allows us to produce in efficient quantities. This is a win-win situation for us as well as our customers in the construction industry.


Sheet Metal Forming Machines, Forming Machine for Metal Plates, Cold Rolling Machine, Roll Forming, window blind frames and runner, spring pin machine, aluminum ceiling, telescoping tubes and frames


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