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Ningbo Reyda International Economic & Trade Corp., Ltd. was founded in 1992. It is a company with limited liabilities subject to Ningbo Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Committee.

It is authorized to deal in the export and import business with the approval by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Coopertion, P.R.C.

In the early days after the founding of company, it mainly dealt in the import & export of the various products and technical equipment which were required in the econonmic development of Ningbo Economic Technology Development Zone.

Since 1995 the Company's foreign trade business has been growing up rapidly owing to the privileged policy and staff's endeaver. The Company has made a significant contribution to the economic developments of both Zhejiang province and Ningbo city.

Now the Company is a comprehensive foreign economic & trade body. The Company's business scope: dealing in the import & export of the various products and technology through the direct operations or as an agent; dealing in the export of the various products with imported materials; dealing in the compensation trade; dealing in the counter & entrepot trade; dealing in the domestic trade and consulting business.

The Company now has a high efficient management system as well as experienced staff. It is ready to offer the potential customers with the best service.

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Microscope, Microscope Attachment, Measurements, Magnifier Lamp, Digital Items, Oven & Dehumidifier, Electrical Appliance


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