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Anqing Diamond (DMD) piston Ring Joint Co., Ltd., is located in Qianshan Industry District of Anqing city, Anhui province, China, with an area of 18, 000 square meters, and built on modern gardens standards.
Anqing Diamond is a well imported Japanse & German advanced technology and equipment manufactures. The company is frequently cooperated with experts from Japanese & Germany. At the same time, more and more researchers and qualified technicians are employed. what?ˉs more, Anqing Diamond is a project supported by researchers and experts from China polytechnic university, Tsing - Hua university & Hefei Industry university etc., who research and produce high quality piston rings and develops multiple most sophisticated technologies.
Anqing Diamond is well-equipped with alloy cast iron production line, ductile cast iron production line, stall band oil rings line and surface treatment line. Our company has compound chrome plating, gas nit riding, salt nit riding, ceramics penetration, nana-meter technique, plasma spraying etc., advanced surface treatment and equipment. It is also equipped with light score analyzer, outline analyzer, pattern analyzer, metallograplry analyzer etc., and Japanese & Germany examine instrument and technique. Our company can produce twelve millions sets with all types of piston rings which are strictly controlled according to ISO9001 : 2000. Our products have been widely used in Europe, America and Japan, and popular international customers. We also put more stresses on sales services so as to meet the need of customers.
Anqing Diamond will continue to devote itself to bringing new idea to its technique and organization, we will also enrich our own enterprise culture. At the beginning of the 21st century, a time full of hope and challenge, we hope to work with our partners with excellent qualities.


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